Auditory Scenes: Environmental Sonic Improvisation

by Edwin Lo

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Sound walk, field recording or phonography is not just a way to re-listening and re-discover the sound of a place; it is also a way for reproducing the sonic environment. To a certain extend, this piece was made by the improvisation of pointing with different direction of the location by the microphone. With a slowly movement of getting inside and outside of the sonic environment and the direction of the microphone, what we will listen is not just a purely sonic representation of the environment, but it is a slowly transformed progress, something happened within the environment. This work corresponds with French sound artist, Yannick Dauby talking about phonography: “ It is about a practice during which the sound recordist will engage in a privileged relationship with an environment, through certain equipment. The result of this work, the final product, will therefore be a subjective point of view, a sensory experience that must take into account the position chosen by the sound recordist. Phonography does not allow us simply to present sounds, it requires us to present a specific hearing of those sounds. ”

聲音漫步(sound walk)、田野錄音(Field Recording)或留聲術(Phonography)不單是再一次重新發現以及再次聆聽某一地方的聲音, 而更可以作為一種創作的手段。這個作品的目的, 不單止旨在重新發現後巷某一些的聲音的特質, 而更加是通過這個聲音環境來再一次生產、創造一種領聽的經驗。通過一種即興的方式, 以不同的獲取聲源的方向以及在環境中來來回回, 聽到的是一個緩慢的聲音進程, 一個已被再一次再呈現的建築物與建築物之間的環境, 事件穿插於其中。這個作品回應著法國聲音藝家澎葉生(Yannick Dauby)論及留聲術:「它所牽涉的是一種實踐,錄音者在那之中,以他的某種裝備,和他所在的環境發展出的一段獨特的關係。而其工作成果, 也就會是種主觀性的視角, 而且這是由錄音者所選取的角度所帶來的一個感官經驗。收音實踐並非只是傳遞聲音, 它也是在傳遞”聽”。」


released January 1, 2009
Recorded by Edwin Lo on 31-12-2007, Causeway Bay, HK.
Best heard with headphone. Cover Design By Edwin Lo.



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Edwin Lo Hong Kong

sound artist from Hong Kong.

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